Monday, May 21, 2007

The big 0x1C...

... 0x1C is 28 in the base 16 "hexadecimal" numbering system.

(while (and(> (date-value) 1179723600) (< (date-value) 1179809999))
(print "happy birthday\n")

Anyhow, enough with the geek stuff. Today's my birthday. Normally, I'd head to the Monday night recovery ride, but not today. My wife and I are going to try out this new Asian restaurant that just popped up in the new shopping center a few miles from home. This morning's ride was nice and easy. It's about 60 degrees outside, and it's nice and clear.

I have my leg wrapped up in a sport bandage with antibiotic ointment and gauze underneath. On the main road rash part, I have a new "second skin" type of covering that keeps the area moist and clean. We'll see how it works. Everything feels like it's healing up nicely, though.

So begins another week... I've promised a new bike commuter that I'd ride into downtown with him once my leg heals up. I've said I'm not going to make a habit of riding between home and downtown, but it's a pretty fun ride. Once I move, I'll probably be willing to do it more often.


A Midnight Rider said...

Happy birthday. I suppose your still twenty something.

Noah said...

Well, I did say that 0x1C is 28.

Jeez I'm such a nerd...

Tim O said...

So when did you hurt your leg? It wasn't injured when I headed home was it??

Noah said...

When I was heading back, I crossed over one of those narrow sidewalk bridges and just brushed my knee/calf on the concrete barricade. It was a gentle brush, but still took off 1/32" of flesh.

Fritz said...

Ouch about the leg injury. Concrete barricade rash.

A happy 00011100 to you. I'm geeky enough to be able to do the decimal/hexadecimal/binary conversion in my head. I can even do octal in my head, though that's a little slower since that's not something I do every day. Lessee, that would be 34 base 8.

Frogman said...

Happy birthday! It'll be another 16 years until you can be informed of what the question is. Geek that one out. ;)

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