Thursday, April 26, 2007

Weather 'n' stuff

The past few days have been not too fun on the bike. Tuesday, it was lots of rain and lightning. Yesterday, it was torrential downpour, hail, and just crappy weather to be out in. The water was coming down hard enough to once again fill my bottom bracket with fluid. The marine-grade axle grease is doing its job quite well, though. I took my BB apart to drain it. On the advice of some fellow cyclists, I may drill a tiny hole in the bottom bracket shell to allow water to drain. Overall, I'm still very pleased wih the refurb job I did on the bottom bracket. There were no signs of corrosion with this new grease. I couldn't say that about the stuff that was in there previously.

This morning is still grimy from the past few days of rain. It's still cloudy and I'm hoping the sun comes out and dries this mess up before I come home. Not much else exciting going on. For anyone who wishes to join me on the Indian Creek Trail on Saturday morning, it looks like we'll have some great weather, and hopefully the next few days will let the trail dry out all the way.

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