Thursday, April 26, 2007

So much for the warm-up!

It actually dropped in temperature today while I was at work, or at least it seems like it did. My forecast showed partly cloudy today with temps in the high 60's. When I got out of work it was about 48, still overcast and here I am in mountain bike shorts.

Definitely not a fun ride home. I also had to ride though some mud, which got my tires and shoes pretty dirty.

Oh yah. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more rain. Freaking great. Somehow, Saturday is supposed to be awesome. Let's just hope Indian Creek didn't wash out the trail.

I may be selling my car at a discount to a friend of mine who lacks a fuel-efficient vehicle for getting around town. He definitely has more use for it than I do right now. I'm not banking on anything, but it would be kind of cool to keep it in the circle of friends. I'll probably get to wrench on it a few more times, at least. :)

If it works out, I will probably try to get my road bike soon. It's just a matter of what's out there. I've been convinced by the masses that I don't need a beater bike and that with proper locking, I should be safe while I'm at work. The area isn't that bad.

This weekend should be fun. My wife and I are going fishing and probably going to brush up on our shotgun skills with some trap shooting. Yee Haw.

1 comment:

Warren T said...

FYI - the section of the trail that I rode this morning was fine. Wish I could join you on the ride Saturday but we've got a Boy Scout campout. Looks like we'll be setting that up in the rain.

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