Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday ride results

Sometimes, you ride just to take a nice saturday morning stroll. You don't plan on getting wet, sweaty, or dirty. In fact, you might try to avoid getting messy altogether.

If, along your journey, you find that cleanliness is futile, there's only one proper course of action. Get as disgustingly dirty as possible. When crossing flooded areas, no speed should be considered too fast. Every muddy patch should be in your crosshairs, and every possibility to fling mud everywhere should be gleefully embraced.

That just described my ride today. I was a peloton of one, but it was fun, and probably a lot messier than anyone I know would have cared for. I put on about 26 miles today. My trip included a 2-mile on-road detour to Bike America on Nall to pick up a pair of new spokes. One, I'm keeping with me. The other installed flawlessly this afternoon.

My bike, however, is a complete disaster. I was actually quite thankful for the knobby rear tire. Enough so that I think I regret doing all the swapping stuff around and all that. My Diamondback Sorrento would have been a much more appropriate tool for this job, despite the lack of all the little upgrades I put on my Outlook.

My total for April is now 323 miles! There will be no riding to church tomorrow. I need some rest...

My wife and I finished off the day fishing.

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