Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More downtown bike parking on Baltimore

I had to drive today. I woke up half an hour after the last bus left Olathe this morning. I guess between the 20+ miles I rode yesterday and the fact that I stayed up until almost 1:00 this morning, I was just too far gone to hear my alarm go off at 5:30.

Anyhow, yesterday I noticed that they're finally clearing up some of the construction on Baltimore. It looks like FREE CAR PARKING, but more importantly, BIKE RACKS to go with it, just as a few of my regular readers had discussed in a previous post of mine. They sacrificed the outside lanes on Baltimore to create dozens of new parking spots, and at least along the eastern sidewalk, I saw no less than three "camel-hump" style bike racks, each of which is designed to hold three bikes, but could easily accomodate more, with some creativity -- such as parking next to the full rack on either side, and locking to it the way one would lock to a lamp post, for example.

So, it looks like KC's parking plan near the new P&L District is finally starting to come to fruition. Thanks to my readers for pointing out the parking plan to me.

1 comment:

Eric said...

I think these are part of the Barkley Advertising headquarters there in the TWA Building. There is another rack on the other side of the building, on Main Street.

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