Thursday, January 18, 2007

Got some coffee, rode in some snow

I've been taking the bus to JCCC where my wife works, pretty much every night she works. It's a bit further from home, but I get to see her for a bit, grab some supper for the both of us, and then I usually go to Daily Dose to chill for a bit.

Also, I have been playing with VeloRoutes (link in sidebar). It rocks, and tracks your elevation, and a bunch of other stuff assuming the data is there. It's based on Google Maps so it has to be awesome. I have mapped out all my routes in case you have been keeping an eye on my Commute Log.

JCCC to Daily Dose is 3.6 miles the way I go. I went to Daily Dose and back to JCCC for a total of 7.2 miles tonight. In the snowy sidewalk, nonetheless. I'm still too chicken to ride on Quivira. Traffic is really fast.

When I go straight home from the Dose, I take 127th street across. The new viaduct isn't in Google Maps yet, for a total of 5.7 miles.

My normal morning commute, and my evening commute when I'm not going to JCCC is about 2.8 miles

When I go straight home from JCCC it's 6.8 miles. There's a shorter route, but it's treacherous and poorly lit.

In short, I love :)

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