Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cool safety site for commuters

How to Not Get Hit - A pretty cool site with lots of tips for not getting pancaked by a motorist. Because, let's face it, sometimes just obeying the law doesn't quite cut it. Some of this stuff is just common sense, but there's a lot of sound advice for those of us who daily take to the streets on our two-wheeled steeds.

I swung by the bike shop on my way home last night, and I'm seriously drooling over cyclocross bikes now. The manager at my usual shop could build a Redline Conquest (aluminum frame) for me for about $1000. 105 components, and a little cheaper stock wheelset than you'd find on a Trek. I'm kind of chomping at the bit. I'm hoping we can get a house soon, then I'll have a place to put (and work on) my bikes and then I can start saving up for a really worthy commuter bike. I'm definitely not one to buy more bike than my abilities need, so I'll stay with my Diamondbacks for the time being. Who knows, maybe by the time I'm ready for a 'cross bike, I'll have enough saved up for the Ti frame version of the Conquest (probably about twice that price).

This morning's ride in was nice. It's still pretty cold out but I didn't notice it until I had to dismount and wait for the bus to show up. I've been dressing a bit thinner than normal and I think I finally found a comfortable clothing solution for that awkward 20-35 degree temperature range that usually forces me to over-dress.

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