Friday, January 12, 2007

Air pressure rocks!

I haven't actually ridden my Sorrento on the road since before Christmas. I have taken it out in the dirt a few times, playing around or taking "the really short way" to nearby places. A very important thing I got after Christmas, though, was the Park Tool floor pump. I usually run knobby tires at a pretty low pressure such as 45-50 PSI. In the dirt and snow, it helps a lot. Last night, while prepping the Sorrento, I maxed the tires out at 65PSI. I also spent about half an hour cleaning and re-lubing the somewhat neglected drivetrain.

The bike was still slower than my Outlook, but it wasn't as sluggish today as it normally is. On the way to the bus this morning, it was doing this mist/snow thing. I could only see that there was precipitation through the beam of my headlight, it was very faint but the road was a little slippery where they had laid tar patches. If this turns into the the ice storm that they were predicting, I'll probably have to let some air out of the tires before I head home if I want to stay rubber-side-down.

I didn't get a chance to post last night. I took the bus to JCCC where my wife's working, and after getting some supper, went to Daily Dose again and found an old high-school classmate who is a youth pastor at a local church. He was meeting with a bunch of twenty-somethings to have a kind of not-so-small-group gathering. I suppose it was about 15 people total. It wasn't a bible study, mostly just a discussion. I guess it meets at Daily Dose every thursday. It was a good time, so I stayed and participated a bit. After work, my wife wanted to grab some groceries on the way home, so I went back to JCCC before she was done with her shift, put the bike on the back of the Explorer, and we went to the store. All in all I put on about 6 miles last night.

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