Monday, August 20, 2012

I actually like my bikes, thanks.

In the past 3 days:

After the monthly KCPUG meeting half a mile from home: "Are you riding because your car is broken? I can give you a ride, man."

(in response to the trailer): "... or you could just drive your car."

Is there some new wave of anti-bicycling advertisement I'm missing?  In other news, my wife thinks my bike trailer looks like something a homeless bum would use. I think the blue bucket of doom just needs a camouflage paint job and/or a few (dozen) bumper stickers on it so it more closely resembles something designed for the zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of Zombie Apocalypse, I spotted this last week. It turns out I know the owner.


shan said...

If you could somehow decorate the box to make it look like you're hauling organs for transplantation, or perhaps highly infectious samples for the CDC, people would just steer clear.

Noah said...

That's so crazy, it might just work...

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