Monday, March 28, 2011


Wait. What?


Temperatures have been fluctuating wildly this month. We've had some beautiful warm weather, several little snow storms, and a whole bunch of bland, overcast days between them. This weekend, it seemed to never stop snowing, but it was all very light snow for the most part, and with temperatures so close to freezing that nothing ever really stuck to the roads. In fact, the road was mostly dry on the way in. It was almost surreal seeing yesterday's snowfall sticking to cars, grass and trees.

The thermometer on my bike computer pegged the temperature in the mid-30s, not even freezing. A hoodie over my normal long-sleeve get-up was just about perfect. 

Supposedly, we're in for another multi-inch snow storm tomorrow.

Dear Winter,
Just give up. We're ready for springtime.

Bicycle Commuters in the Midwest.


Apertome said...

Heh. Our weather has been random, too. I hope it warms up again soon!

BluesCat said...

Boy, do I know what yer talkin' about, Noah!

I mean, take a look at what my fellow Arizonan --- John Romeo Alpha --- and I have to put up with this time of year: Salutary Springtime Effects.

Yeah, it's healthy, but tough to put up with, eh? ;)

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