Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bike Lanes are Security Theater.

That is all.

Dan Kaminsky calls bullshit. And that may be check mate for me. Of course, if people would quit riding on the sidewalks, quit being scared gutter bunnies and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD quit being bike salmon, bike lanes wouldn't likely help. But apparently, they gently nudge cyclists out into the road where they belong in the first place.

I personally think there has to be a better way, but whatever.

Oh, yeah. Just take the damned lane already, if there's not a little stripe of paint on the road to segregate you.


Gimpson said...

I think the PPW bike lane they're talking about is a two way bike lane protected by floating parking spaces. (Though given that, I don't entirely understand his stats on Salmoning. PPW is an explicitly two way bike lane on a one way road, which I thought was the focus of the community complaint around that lane.)

Still agree with the basic point, but I bet a protected bike lane does even more to get people on the road than a white stripe.

Ron Sexton said...

The background on this is the most media-savvy Senator just happens to live on PPW and his wife is on the group to get rid of the bike lane. Since when have you heard a pol say "no comment"? URL: http://brooklynspoke.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/chuck-schumer-on-ppw-bike-lane-i-am-not-commenting/

David Glandon said...

Have not been a big fan of bike lanes myself. They are too close to cars setting you up for a door prize. Cars use the lane no matter what. Bike lanes are just one more thing that seprates us or singles cyclist out of traffic. We need to be appart of traffic and be treated with respect as others do. The easies thing to do is to take the lane when ever you can.

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