Monday, August 16, 2010

More than half.

The first three motorists to pass me this afternoon on my homeward trip were either talking on their phones or looking down and frobbing something, almost assuredly dialing or texting. The fourth motorist that passed me had one hand on the wheel, the other hand out the window and seemed to actually be paying attention to the road. Coasting down the hill toward Deluxe Check Company, I realized that today's commuting game would be "count the texters" and I'd already counted one seemingly undistracted motorist. I might as well count those, too.

This highly unscientific survey didn't count cars that had windows too tinted for me to see the driver, or cars that were simply too close to one another for me to get a good look inside. The grand total, though: 59 people on the phone. 47 people not on the phone. More than half.

There's a lot of commercial traffic on my route. Semi tractors, commercial vans, delivery trucks and motorcycle riders made up the lion's share of motorists who were not on the phone. In fact, not a single commercial driver appeared to be on a phone, period. There are probably company rules about this, so it's not that much of a surprise.

Granted, there are hands-free speakerphones, bluetooth headsets and many other variables to consider. I was just keeping count. I'm frankly a little bit disturbed by my findings.

Then, there was my friend Andy, who -- for some inexplicable reason -- decided to wave at me by holding a 20" recumbent bicycle wheel out his driver's side window as we crossed paths... Yes, really.


rorowe said...

It's a "game" I have played too, while riding to and from work.
I wonder if hands-free use counts, or if it should be a separate category.

Noah said...

Good luck counting those. If you can even see them, it's hard to tell if they're just trying to look like Locutus Of Borg or if they're actually on the phone.

Anonymous said...

I've never adjusted to seeing people with the hands-free sets. They still look like crazy people talking to themselves.

kG said...

I love neutral support cars on my commute... even if they DO get the wheel size wrong sometimes.

David Glandon said...

Talking or Texting, hands free or not they should not be on the phone. Most of my close calls were people on the phone.

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