Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Operation: Squall Line

At quittin' time, the radar looked something like this:

Operation: Squall Line was in full effect. I put the raincover on my lone pannier and hit the road, hoping -- no, knowing -- I could beat it. I darted up Renner, slogged the rolling hills of 113th street, and started northeast on Santa Fe Trail Drive with a strong sidewind and storms approaching from the west. Immediately ahead of me, a cyclist I hadn't seen before. Just pulling out of Southlake business park a few blocks to the north, I saw Jim's retina-searing jacket.

It didn't take me long to blow past both of them. Not that I was being a dick about it. I greeted them both upon passing. I don't usually ride hard, but this was personal. This was a race. Me against the dark, growling beast. Keep in mind that my skinny tires, tall gears, and drop bars gave me an advantage. In reality, I wasn't going that fast. This is me we're talking about.

About 2 minutes after I took this, the downpour started.

Random Tunage:
The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
Underworld - Born Slippy (Original)


Ken Harris said...

I wasn't quite so lucky out here in Lawrence. I, too, booked it the whole way home, but the rain started to come down pretty heavy while I was waiting at the light at 27th and Iowa. Which is the last light before I get home...

Did I mention I forgot my rain cover? Luckily I had a shopping bag that I had put over my laptop sleeve. I was soaked and my laptop sleeve was a little damp on the bottom where some water collected in pannier. But the laptop itself was dry.

Looks like more of the same on Friday?

shan said...

Well done! That was a beautiful storm. I was able to watch it blow through O.P. As I stared out the window I wondered how many cyclists were caught up in it.

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