Saturday, May 01, 2010

Small World

I got to hang out with Ryan in person over "Lunch" (Bacon Pancakes for the win!) and beers at Swagger. Although we'd never met before, I know him through the social sphere of my fellow bike commuter, blogger and information security guy Jason. Ryan moved to Florida a while ago, but he was in town for a wedding this weekend, hence the meet-up. It's cool getting to know new people who share many interests. I thought Jason was actually going to show up to Swagger as well, but he didn't. *sideways glance in Jason's direction*

Upon meeting up, though, we were also joined by another acquaintance of mine, David, a web developer who I know through various technology groups in town, who used to work with Ryan. Indeed, a really small world. Or an unfathomably gargantuan Internet. Perhaps the latter.

Since I was in the Waldo area, I took a stop by Family Bicycles on my way home. I couldn't resist the temptation to test-ride a new Dahon Espresso. The Goat is in shambles right now and it's easy to think of replacing it with something more practical and easier to store. Also, there's a little part of me that's really lusting after a 26" folder.


Gimpson said...

Yes, was great to meet you as well. Yeah, Family Bicycles had quite a selection of folding bikes. I've seen the small folding bikes, but was that whole row of bikes foldable? It looked like it, even the larger framed bikes. Family Bicycles is a very cool shop and highly recommended.

Jon said...

I have one of those Fuji folders with 26" wheels, which was a prize from the Marlboro catalog, if you want it. It's mostly ready to ride, but needs some tlc. I think it's a 19 or 20" frame (I'd have to check).

I'll be coming through KC in late June, and can drop it off. Email me at 3w (dot) jjgrinder at msn (dot) com and we can figure out specifics.

Sirrus Rider said...

Remember the proper formula for the number of bikes to have is: N+1 where N represents the bikes you currently own.

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