Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Generally speaking, my commute is southwest in the morning and northeast in the evening. Riding in this morning was refreshing. Sunny, 53 degrees, and a good wind out of the southwest. This time of year, the wind generally tends to be out of the southwest, so that didn't surprise me.

When I got out of work, it was as beautiful as you could imagine. Fluffy clouds, bright sun, and 67 degrees... with a northeast wind. Ah, omni-directional headwind.

While there are a lot of siding track crossings along my route that can be dicey with traffic, I really do like looking at all the railroad scenery that adorns Santa Fe Trail Drive. If you see the tracks from the highway, or you drive along SFTD, you might think that the same railcars have been sitting there for the past decade. The truth is that a lot of those cars get moved hither and yon by small locomotive engines.

Pardon my grainy, tilted photos.

Random Tunage:
MGMT - Kids
Bloc Party - I Still Remember

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