Friday, May 07, 2010

For real this time.

6 miles. No hills to speak of. Indoor parking. That blue stripe at the top of the image is the "elevation graph" with the little red band showing the most extreme climb of the route, which is something like a 3% grade that lasts perhaps a quarter of a mile.

Added bonus? The "Dreaded" bus still gives me door-to-door service for the really bad weather days. Boo yah.


Ken Harris said...

Congrats on the new job!

BluesCat said...

Congrats, Noah.

'Course, at only a 6 mile ride you're going to have to go home and back at lunch time in order to get some REAL exercise for the day!

dvicci said...

From a human-powered, gas minimizing perspective, this is a fantastic situation. From an exercise and maintaining fitness levels perspective, BluesCat has it right. :)

Regardless, congrats!!

Apertome said...

Your commute is still a little longer than mine, but mine is hillier. Maybe spending less time commuting will enable you to do more recreational rides.

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