Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bike Week: Tuesday WarBiking

I didn't make it out to any of the Bike Week events this morning, nor will I likely make it to any of the events this evening.  I will, however, be at Overland Park City Hall at around 6:30 tomorrow morning, since they're hosting another breakfast break. Maybe I'll see you there! Instead, I fired up my WarBiking rig and gathered data about all the wireless networks that adorn my new commuting route. WarBiking is a play on WarDriving: driving around, looking for wireless networks. This has been a geeky pastime of mine for nearly a decade. I chart the networks that I find on a map (using GPS data). Oddly, I only found 30 new networks that I haven't previously logged. I'm up to 27,648 wireless networks, though, if you care. I don't really do much with the data. Some time around 2007, I started finding that wireless networks using encryption started to outnumber those what were "open" and these days, I'd say less than 15% of the wireless networks that I encounter are left un-secured.

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