Monday, January 25, 2010


I had to take a bus downtown to drop some stuff off. While there, I had one last coffee with JR, Lorin, and Bob, or at least the last one for quite a while. I've got a whole batch of interviews lined up this week, but no serious leads on work downtown.

On my way back home this morning, I saw the Velomobile locked up at the bus depot in Shawnee. Sorry, all I have is my OLD phone's camera with me, and I had to take the picture through a grimy and perf-wrapped window.

A much better photo of the Velomobile in question was taken by me on a Monday ride in '08.


BluesCat said...

What's base trike underneath that fairing, Noah?

Noah said...

He told me when I took that better picture of him, but it's been so long. I want to say it's a Sun EZ-3 Tadpole, but it might not be.

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