Sunday, January 31, 2010


No offers yet, but some very exciting leads. Yes, I map places for my bike commute before I even go to an interview.

(question mark? by Leo Reynolds CC by-nc-sa)

You'll know more when I know more. For the time being, enjoy some snapshots.

Charlie, our new praise team drummer (okay, not really, but I love this shot, what a neat kid!)

Errands. Sending a stupid fax is expensive! I forgot I could've used the one at the club house for free. Does someone feel like explaining why I have to use my computer to print something out onto part of a dead tree, run it through this thing that turns it back into a digital document so it can go somewhere else where it's printed onto another part of a dead tree, so that someone can type the stuff back into a computer? This crap should have been on the way out in 1983 and abolished by 1997.



Foggy downtown

Brown Recluse. Unfortunately, I see more of these than any other spider in my apartment. Yes, I know they're poisonous to an extent, though rarely fatal. This isn't the largest specimen I've captured, but it's close, and it's pretty big for a recluse.

Random Tunage:
Electro Sun Vs Bizzare Contact - I've Got The Power (Remix)
Psychostick - BEER!!!


Apertome said...

It sounds like you've got some good prospects. Good luck, man!

Paul said...

Best luck to your job hunting!

I'm working my first tech job. When I was job huning for it, even before an interview I would considered roads, east-west and hours so I wonldn't have the sun in front of me. So, I ended up looking for jobs west, south and north and only used jobs to the east for practice interviewing.. I'm glad I did, because I got everything I wanted... Working days, choose start hours, lots of personal time off and a fantastic employer....

-Paul in Minneapolis

BluesCat said...

I'm with you about FAXes, Noah! Not only is it antiquated technology, in this day and age, people accepting the lack of security of the whole process is just astounding!

Sally said...

Noah, how come you don't use a fax modem? or one of those groovy fax applications that you email your document and it faxes it?

Noah said...

Because that requires one of those other relics of the nineties called a land-line. I haven't had a land-line since... I don't know... 2002?

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