Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I had to snag something from CCCKC for a friend on my way home. Hey, I got some extra room on the road today. It was a whopping 2.5 pounds. I know, because I had to ship it. Heck, I'd almost be willing to lug this thing around all year long. I didn't even notice it, and had to look back a few times to make sure it was still back there.

I'm pretty sure the UPS guy who passed me was thinking "Jeez, FedEx is really cutting back!"

I could have done without this, though. I was okay, but this kind of glare makes it hard to see cyclists on the road.

I'm still awestruck that we're in the middle of November and we continue to have this kind of weather.

Random Tunage:
808 State - Olympic
Orbital - The Moebius


Zach said...

Polarized sunglasses will cut down on the glare IMMENSELY.

Noah said...

I know, because I have a pair. That said, me wearing polarized shades won't help motorists see me through the glare any better.

Jon said...

It was 70F, here in Denver, today. Freaky nice weather for November.

BTW, check out Two Wheels. I posted something up, just for you.

Noah said...

I saw it in Google Reader this morning, but my office blocks me from posting comments to blogger, and my evil tethering mobile-network rig is on the fritz. Glad you got them figured out, and that's still the strangest web work I've seen.

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