Monday, September 07, 2009

An Open Letter to Hen House Market

To whom it may concern,

I use a bicycle as my primary mode of transportation and like most Americans, I tend to patronize shops that are basically in my neighborhood. It was with joy that I saw a bicycle rack in front of your Lenexa location, as I usually have to find a less-than-suitable spot to lock my bicycle up while shopping. I am happy that you've decided to accommodate bicycles as transportation and given them a dedicated place to park as opposed to posting signs that forbid bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades.

I do have one concern, however. As of Labor Day 2009, the bicycle rack isn't bolted down or otherwise secured in any way. The rack is light enough for one person to lift onto a pickup bed, probably even if there's a bicycle locked to it.

Please contact me if you need help or suggestions for properly securing the rack at this location and any others.

Thanks again!

Photo of the rack in question. Some have suggested that I lock it to the hood ornament of that nice Benz in the rock-star spot. Somehow, I don't think that would work too well. :)

Until this thing gets bolted down, I think I'll stick to locking my bike to one of the brick support columns. By the way, the above note was sent through the official online comment form to Hen House Market in regards to the location I saw this rack at.


commuterDude said...

Hopefully the powers-that-be at the Hen House, or the property managers, will accommodate your requests. We had a similar issue when bike racks started showing up at our workplace. Now, they are nicely secured into the concrete. It took asking for it, though.

Josh Mitchell said...

Huh, see I don't have any problems at our Hen House (135th & Blackbob). Then again, they don't have bike racks at all. I just walk my bike into the store and use a reusable grocery bag in my Wald folding basket.

The only thing approaching hassle I've gotten was the cashier chuckling and saying "I guess you don't need sacks, then?"

BluesCat said...

As I read your post, it occurred to me that I saw an excellent bicycle rack at a bank I frequent regularly. I go to this bank in the early morning, when it is closed, so I just take my bike into the lobby and use the ATM. I'm going to pen a note to them about how happy I am they are providing this service. Maybe we should take a lesson from your lead, and do this every time we see a business which has provided secure parking for bikes.

amnee said...

Yeah, same thing at the Cosentino's Market in Brookside. It is in a slightly different spot every time I go there. Doesn't make one feel very "secure" about locking their bike up

Ed Stockwell said...

It is like a hitching post, just throw a rope around it and it shouldn't run off.

Steven said...

The bike rack at the Starbucks at 75th and Quivira is not bolted down either. It is also much larger, so it might be difficult to perpetrate a heist. In fact, the Starbucks employees did physically move the rack from another location. Of course, sitting in a coffee shop allows someone to occasionally glance at her/his bike.

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