Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine has been getting up later and later these days. I love the sky's gradient just at the beginning of dawn.

Bob says HI! I haven't seen him much lately, but he comes around once in a while.

Lately, bike commuters in Kansas City have been looking more like this (sorry for the blur) - it's interesting to see people in dress clothes with bikes. Most of them, like this guy, are seen walking the bikes on the sidewalks. I'm not sure if any of them actually ride these bikes, or what. This isn't an uncommon sight at all, though. I've seen more bike commuters this summer than ever before. With the mild weather we've been having, it's not much of a surprise.

As seen on my homeward commute. This is beyond the usual foreclosure stuff I see a lot of. These are respectively Nuisance Abatement and Unfit For Human Habitation notices. I did not read them to figure out what they were put up for. I just took the picture.

Here's my new phone. I just ordered some vinyl skins and a protective cover for it, in hopes that it won't end up scuffed and battered like my old phone. This is probably the last time it will look like this for a while. I'm thinking camouflage.

It opens with a full QWERTY keypad for email and text on the go. I'm liking it so far.

Fishies! Last weekend, Jeff gave us one of his old fish tanks. Behold.

It's finally ready for habitation, so we picked up some inexpensive tropicals to help fill it out: Black Mollys, Rummy-Nose Tetras, Neon Tetras and Blackline Rasboras

They joined the Chinese Algae Eater (shown below, we named him Wiggles) and some other unknown-species Tetras we've had in a 10Gal tank for the last 5 years or so.

Also, while scoping out fish, I made a new friend. I didn't bring her home, though. Perhaps I'll get a tarantula one of these days. I kind of like them. I'm pretty sure my wife would freak.

Random Tunage:
Noma - What's Out There?
INXS - Need You Tonight


Josh Mitchell said...

;) I wear my office clothes all the time when I ride to work. Now, polo + khaki is fine in my work environment, so it's easy to do "performance fabrics" and still blend it. It would be more challenging if I had to wear a shirt and tie.

Noah said...

Yah, I can get away with khaki and cargo pants, as long as they look nice. No denim, no shorts. And anything with a collar works for a shirt. So I often ride in my work attire, especially when it cools off and I ride to the bus. Just throw an ankle-strap or rubber band around the right leg cuff (or roll the cuffs up if it gets warm) and I'm on my way.

I find the pushing-of-the-bike thing fascinating, though.

I can only think of a limited set of circumstances where someone would be in business formal attire, pushing a bicycle around. I suppose riding the bike to the bus, taking the bus downtown, then changing into work clothes somewhere (a fitness center with showers?) would be one of those circumstances.

shan said...

I'm lucky to be able to work in shorts and a t-shirt.

Maybe the bike is just now the ultimate accessory, hence the dude walking it?

Noah, cut your thumbnail. That thing is looooong.

Noah said...

It's not a thumb nail. It's a wire stripper.

Actually, I cut them Sunday night, but that was after the tarantula photo was taken.

I suppose it's also about time for my weekly shave and quarterly haircut. :P

shan said...

Quarterly? That's pretty good! I'm on top of things if I get a semi-annual hair cut. Oh, and shaving? Pshaw. That's what beards are for!


Josh Mitchell said...

Shave and a Haircut? 1mm guard on my cranium. No guard on my face. Same trimmers.

I hate having to actually shave.

BluesCat said...

On my 8 mile ride through Phoenix in the morning, I get too sweaty to wear my work clothes, even in the middle of winter. If it weren't for being able to shower at the fitness center in the same building as my office, commuting would be much more of a problem.

Haircut every 4 weeks, too much hair underneath the helmet makes it too hot. Same for a beard.

Scott Redd said...

I'm lucky enough to have an employer with a fitness center and showers on site. I've adapted my morning routine so that I shower, shave, and change at work.

I change into riding clothes for the trip home, but a few times a year, the weather is mild enough here in Omaha that, if I take it easy, I can ride home in my work clothes and not sweat too much.

I've seen people pushing bikes for mechanical reasons. Once I guy had some kind of busted frame. He was walking forward, but the front wheel and rear wheel were on separate lines.

The other time was a guy pushing a flat and water was oozing through the valve stem hole. Not sure what was going on there.

I pushed two bikes home once. I had purchased a used bike from a guy at work. The trouble was, I had also cycled to work that day. So to get both bikes home, I pushed them both to the bus stop. I got a bus within 1/2 mile of my house and then pushed again. I am sure I looked like a bike thief.

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