Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 20-foot commute

It was a work from home day. A "Piggy Flu Drill" if you will. No pandemic in the office yet, but the higher-ups wanted people to shake the system down en masse for preparedness sake. I'm a fan of preparedness. I'm also a fan of things like flex schedules, telecommute days and other paradigm shifts in the enterprise that can reduce the amount of travel that's required for work. Both of the things I just mentioned have their problems, too. Examples: Not everyone has a distraction-free workspace at home. Not everyone can put in 10-hour-days in the cubicle maze and still take care of the kids.

Lessons learned:

  • The coffee RULES at this place!
  • I love my mouse and 18-year-old keyboard and wish I had matching ones at work.
  • KVM-over-IP does not work well over an RDP Session. Nerd alert!
  • Boots can lay in my wife's office chair for nine hours straight.

Toward dusk, I walked to the grocery store (instead of riding, it was beautiful out!)

PSA: September means east/west glare is particularly loathsome at dawn and dusk. Be seen. Be Safe. Maybe modify your route or arrival/departure schedule a bit if you find yourself riding directly into the sun on busy roads.

Fantastic sunset - I can't give it justice.

Random Tunage:


dvicci said...

Working from home definitely has it's place. I've been unable to for a while, and I miss it. The coffee, and the equipment does rule.

It's been a number of years, but I used to tunnel into the servers in Lee's Summit from Lawrence over non-standard ports in order to connect to the Solaris servers, where I did all my CVS scripty goodness and build moves. It was actually fairly fast. Fortunately, there were no RDP sessions... that's never fast over the intartubes.

Ah... good times. I miss my techy days. Would really like to get back into it again.

Anonymous said...

Yea, ya gotta love the clicky feel of the old ibm model M's. tjp

MRMacrum said...

Nice working at home in whatever you want to wear and taking a coffee break that only means making it to the kitchen for a fresh cup. I have often looked at my garage and fantasized about moving my bike shop into it.

I started a new blog - A bike shop blog - CRUM Cycles Blog. Stop be and let me know what you think.

Noah said...

Dude! I love it! I always wanted some insight to the shop, and it's good to see you've had a pretty good year. Weather's been bizarre here as well. Glad you're planning on keeping the shop alive!

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