Friday, August 28, 2009

We'll see what the weather does...

Tonight is supposed to be the August 2009 Dark Side Ride. I've ridden in a lot of rain this month. While I'm not vehemently opposed to riding in it, I'm pretty sure I only know two other guys crazy enough to join me for this ride if it's pouring down. I'll probably still be out there at spring hill high school rain or... uhh... no rain. Feel free to join us, just bring lights, reflective gear, a helmet, and maybe a poncho.

This morning, mist and drizzle met us. It was actually refreshing, and not enough to make the roads wet. John C, myself and Lorin (whose bikes are pictured below in that order) converged on Starbucks to caff up and talk about random stuff.

The new phone (an LG Env3) has a panorama feature that automatically stitches things together. I really don't think the photo quality is much better than my last phone. It just takes higher resolution photos. Oh well. It's everything I need in a phone, and it was almost free.

1 comment:

Josh Mitchell said...

If I hadn't caught the virus my two sons had, I'd have joined (drizzle & all). But, my boys got me sick so I can't go even if the weather is nice.

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