Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does It Ever End?

May was hot (for may) June was a freaking scorcher, with temperatures and heat indices that rivaled solid August numbers. July was kind of May-Like, and August is feeling a lot like fall. What the heck is going on here?

Mad props to Mother Nature for tricking me this morning with an innocent-looking overcast sky that decided to unleash on me half way to work. You got me good. Such a prankster, you are!

On my way home, it looked like it was going to open up on me AGAIN. Fortunately, I beat the second storm of the day home by a good 40 minutes or so.

This whole month has been riddled with rain, overcast skies and vibrant thunderstorms. As I sit here, winding down for the night, we have another round coming in. This will be the 3rd batch of
storms in 24 hours. I'm really ready for my fenders to come in.

The storms might be unseasonal, but this little guy wasn't scared at all. My wife saw it while I was trying to catch lightning on camera. The above photo was the closest I got. I'm honestly surprised the next photo came out as clear as it did, using Program (AE) mode, manual focus and the lowest flash setting on my camera (EXIF Here). No doctoring, not even color adjustment or anything. I just cropped it. I'm amazed at the luck.

Oh yeah. Warning: There's a spider photo in this post. If that bothers you, don't look.



BluesCat said...

June was unusually cool in Phoenix this year. Almost the entire month was under 100°. Then came 110°+ temps through July and now most of August. I retreat from bike commuting when it is that hot; will get back in the saddle when it is barely over 100°.

kG said...


David Glandon said...

That is one creepy, hairy spider. I would hate to run through that web in the dark.

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