Thursday, July 02, 2009

Short week

Many financial companies are closed tomorrow, mine included. This is in observation of Blow Stuff Up Day err... Independence Day. But I won't be blowing anything up until Saturday.

Last week, the sweltering climes hinted of August more than a month early. This week, it feels like May in July and the bikes have been out out in full force.

I wandered to the grocery store to pick up my lunch yesterday and saw another one of those strange single-sided fork bikes locked up outside. It's a Cannondale F29. Not sure how practical an expensive cross-country 29er is for getting around KC for errands, but it beats a car, I suppose. As one friend of mine pointed out, it will tackle the pot-holes and steel plates with ease. And we do have plenty of those around here.

On my way back from grabbing lunch, I stopped by the fountains next to Barney Allis Plaza.

While there, I took some pictures for my review of the Ryders sunglasses I got last week. After a week of testing, I've got to say I like them a lot.

Grandstand Burgers. I met my wife there, but just got a snack as I had a late lunch. If you're in the area and like burgers, this little gem north of I-35 on Antioch (at Merriam Drive) serves the best I've had in KC.

A nice, relaxing swim put an end to another perfect summer day.

With that, I'll probably be silent until sometime next week. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures of explosions.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

mmm....Kelly Burger...

Its been too long since I've been to Grandstand...

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