Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feeding The Fish

This afternoon, my wife decided she'd like to take the bikes out and go fishing at Black Hoof Park. It's been an exceptionally awesome weekend as far as the weather goes. I really hope that next weekend is just as nice.

I hit almost 40 MPH by tucking and coasting down Prairie Star Parkway on my way to the lake. Most Lenexa riders know this hill well. It's a slog-fest coming back up it, but it's a blast to go down.

MUP tunnel under the railroad

Climbing up 91st street west of Woodland, I happened across a Ferrari F430. I'd say "you don't see that every day" however it was in a notoriously affluent slice of town where I used to deliver pizza. I saw plenty of cars more expensive than the F430 (with an asking price of a paltry $200,000 or so) -- No pics. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough.

I came in off the east side of Black Hoof Park and stopped to take this panorama. Click for big.

Goofing off with color curves.

Spillway zoom

More spillway, from mezzanine level.

A li'l bit of the ol' off-roading

Bikes :) hard to tell, but my wife's non-collapsing fishing pole is in the bucket on my rack.

While I was at Black Hoof Park trying out my new fishing set-up again, I also decided to fire up the backpacking stove and make a batch of French-Pressed coffee. I am now quite confident in this stove's ability to perform, and it all packs into the mess kit. I am going to be daydreaming of this S24O all week.

Oh, and we didn't catch anything at the lake. Schools of small panfish were making quick work of our bait -- their tiny mouths resistant to our best efforts and our smallest hooks. We were basically out there just feeding the fish. Hopefully, some larger specimen at Hillsdale Lake become my dinner next weekend. If not, I have a backup plan.


Unknown said...

My daughter and I joined my folks there Sunday morning. It's a great park.

Apertome said...

That is such a cool, freakishly-modern-looking park. I love it.

Glad you got to test the stove a bit more, and I thought using Everclear was very clever, when you mentioned it before.

Noah said...

Yeah, if you just need fuel, it's quite expensive, so I probably should have used something like HEET (pretty cheap at the auto parts store) for this adventure. Everclear is nice, though. Since it's food grade and non-toxic it makes a great antiseptic, stove fuel, food additive (to bring out flavors or make extracts from herbs you find in the field), as a solvent/cleaner, hand sanitizer, nightcap (of course I have to mention that), or even as food preservative in a pinch. It's quite versatile. When used in more than one of the above roles, about $1 per Fluid Ounce doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

Sirrus Rider said...

Not to mention you can use Everclear for great campfire tricks like spitting fire

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