Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Putting it to the test

Thanks to sites with kick-ass WAP User Interfaces (wund.com and google among them), I don't need a $700 phone -- not that I'd mind, but it's more than I spent on my bike! My LG Chocolate does most of the things I need, like telling when fury is about to be unleashed upon us. It also does things I like but don't really need in a phone (such as Internet tethering, playing music, and stuff like that)

This torrent offered the perfect chance to test the water-sealant I added to my panniers and raincovers.

As expected, Water beaded and ran off. This, in addition to my yellow rain poncho, made me look like Big Bird or something. The good news is that my stuff remained dry all the way home. I ditched the poncho, though. I embraced the sog. Ponchos are great for waiting for the bus. They suck for riding.

Just a random shot of the rushing rain in the gutter.

Random Tunage:
Oasis - Wonderwall
God Lives Underwater - Rearrange

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