Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Scott!

Mostly some random stuff from the weekend.

Back in the day when I was delivering pizza, I found myself occasionally delivering to a guy who restores classic cars. One of the cars he was working on was a BTTF-Replica Delorean DMC-12. Today on my way home from church, we saw it in a parking lot. All I had was my camera phone.

One point twenty one jiggawatts! Great Scott!

I also saw this at his place before the conversion several years ago. He hasn't invested much into the restoration but has started converting it to look like the Ghostbusters car.

Our container garden is about to make a break for it! Cucumbers, radishes, peas and green onion are represented here.

At the crack of dawn this morning, my wife and I went back to Black Hoof Park to fish.

While there, I got another crappy shot of the spillway. I really need to bring my Canon out to capture this. I'm not sure any camera can do this dam justice, though. It's a sight to behold in person.

The GhettoBasket holds my fishing gear on the way home. I caught exactly zero fish, but had a lot of bait stolen right off my hook. This is the first season fishing's been allowed at Lake Lenexa, so my guess is I was using too much hook for what's likely to be mostly small panfish. Either that, or turtles -- the sneaky beasts that they are -- were nibbling at my bait.

I went to the parents' place for Father's Day lunch. I cooked up some steak for the family. After lunch, dad asked if I'd lay down a bass line for a new song he's working on. Surprised, I obliged. Even though the song called for a pretty simple blues groove, it took me a bunch of takes to get it right. He says that's how multi-track recording works. I've done lots of live mixing and DJing, but never studio recording -- much less been the one being recorded. It was fun!

Random Tunage:
Barenaked Ladies - One Week
Ben Folds Five - Brick


Anonymous said...

If it's the same one I saw at a show a couple weeks back, you missed my 2 favorite parts - the 88 MPH plate and the NES in the dash. I've got pics of those sitting here.

-ThatGuy from DDRKC

TG said...


Noah said...

Hey! You have a profile now! We missed you at PHP. A newcomer was looking for details on GMaps mash-ups.

TG said...

Yeah, I've evidently had this account sitting around for a couple years. I posteed my DeLorean pics in the blog. That figures, I miss it at just the wrong time.

Steven said...

Man, I forgot to leave a ...

... "Great pics!"



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