Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why it's important to sign up for the Car-Free Challenge

I got this note from Laurie Chipman this morning, and I thought I'd share. She makes some valid points for signing up if you ride your bike, car pool, use transit, or walk to get around the greater KC area -- Even if it's part of your daily routine and you aren't changing a thing during Bike Week!

Hi all, I just want to point up something that even I had hardly thought about.

We may just think the Car-free Challenge is just a pleasant diversion for those who participate but it can have serious beneficial consequences for those of us who want a better walking, biking and transit environment.

We can use these numbers to justify asking for biking, walking/running and transit improvement funding.

Here are the statistics as of today, Wednesday.
* Total Miles: 9,738
* People Registered: 554
* People who have logged trips: 354
* Teams: 50
* Solo Commuters: 69
* First-timers: 21
* Carbon Dioxide saved: 9,231 pounds
* Gasoline saved: 541 gallons, $1,028

The numbers are down from last year but we know there are more people walking, bicycling and using transit. Please join a team and login your miles so we can prove to officials that we are out there and need to be counted!

Laurie Chipman
Let's Go KC, Alliance for Transportation Choice, representing 26,500 people
Kansas City Bicycle Club Advocate

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David Glandon said...

I would have to say I have often thought it would be nice to be car free but with my Portrait Business I am not sure I could bike to every portrait session. I am thinking in situations like wedding, out of town sessions or formal events. I pretty sure a sweaty, smelly photographer would not be ideal in these sessions. Although I did hear of a portrait photographer in Hawaii who has his gear on an xtra-cycle that he rides to portrait sessions. I thought that was cool.
For the daily live errand I have considered and will be working on a cart to pull behind the bike (can’t afford to buy one being unemployed) for groceries and other items that will not fit in a messenger bag. Just that alone would help cut down the use of my car even more. As it is now I drive it about 3 times a week and fill it on average 1 every 3 weeks.

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