Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike Week 2009: Monday Wrap-up

Refilling the ol' water bottle at Chatlain park on the way home.

This is Rich. He's a bit of a geek too.

He built a light system, including a slick voltmeter.

He cannibalized some tactical LED flashlights and heatsinks to build the lighting rig.

He's also a BMXer. Check out the one-handed wheelie. He can ride this out for a very long time. Crazy.

Red Hat Society. Old ladies, not operating systems.

Monday night recovery ride: Eric Rogers and Mark Rainey meet.

Mark Thomas gives the pre-ride speech.

Mark Rainey's Trucker has some sweet bar tape!

A pretty good crowd!

We stopped by OP City Hall

The Mayor made a proclamation for Bike Week.

Eats and drinks at Casa Paloma:

1 comment:

Steven said...

Absolutely great photos.

I love this spring weather!

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