Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo Dump

For Steven, who is only here for the photos. They're not that great, man.

Dorking with HDR after finally "cleaning my room" - My wife and I got The Lab-O-Ratory in order once again. Because of this, I have actually started using my desktop systems instead of just lounging around with my laptop. That's good, too, because OpenBSD 4.5 comes out in just a few more days, and I'm itching to get my paws on it.

... and Boots is getting his paws on a mouse. We are still having trouble getting Boots and Dora integrated again. It's been something like 3 weeks now. Boots doesn't feel safe on the floor for fear of being attacked (which he likely would be) so he opts for higher ground, such as found on my desk.

I didn't take this. I found it on ThinkGeek. GUMMY BACON. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

It was kinda roasty in the office when I showed up for work yesterday.

After work, I caught up with KhartaPurkh Khalsa and Eric Rogers, counting pedestrians and cyclists in Westport. I stopped to take their survey, too.

Firefighters Fountain in Penn Valley Park

Bicycle Parking at CCCKC

Some flowstone in the old limestone mines

A close-up of the speleothem.

And some abstract (okay, just plain blurry and crappy) photography on the much-later-than-usual homeward commute. It was yet another awesome, warm night for a bike ride!

Random Tunage:
Directional Force - Parameter
Polaris - Advertising


Anonymous said...

One could ask for bacon flavored gummy bacon I suppose.

Noah said...

Wait. It's not bacon-flavored?


Anonymous said...

Counting cyclists??? For real? R there that many people cycling over there? I commute from Lees Summit up into Independence a few times a week. Here's the count. One.

I suppose if I went by the bus station downtown on the way I might see a few others?

Noah said...

From the sound of it, the count was pretty underwhelming, but it was raining yesterday morning so that could play a part.

Westport, brookside, over by the Art Institute... Those places are teeming with cyclists. The intersection that I photographed was Penn. Ave. and Westport Road. On tax day, I saw more than a dozen cyclists very close to this intersection (I rode through it a few times). It was mostly the midtown crowd on their fixie machines, but there were quite a few cyclists out and about. Yesterday, I think I saw three total, not counting myself.

Steven said...

Thanks for the photos! But come on... I'd still come here even if there weren't photos. Maybe. LOL

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