Monday, April 20, 2009

It's spreading... slowly!

Friday was the first day that my bike wasn't alone in the bike rack at work. On my way out of town, I noticed another bike rack in a parking garage near my office, similarly packed. This morning, as I cleared the Quivira Viaduct apex, I noticed the distinct mesmerizing pulse of a Planet Bike Superflash off in the distance. I picked up the pace.

It ended up being John C on his Trek 820. He works for Army Corps of Engineers downtown and frequently takes the bus but I haven't seen his bike around for a while. He accompanied us on several of our commuter convoys last year, including most of the convoys for Bike Week 2008. I haven't seen another bike on the second L bus in months.

I forgot to mention another oddity I missed mentioning about the Dark Side Ride. Fenders. More than half of the bikes being ridden had fenders. Now, with the looming threat of rain, it doesn't surprise me too much. Still, fenders are a good indicator that a bike is being used and enjoyed for more than just the occasional fair-weather weekend group ride. I saw an almost equal number of racks as well. That usually means the bikes are being used for errands as well as transportation.

All of this combined makes me happy. :)


Scott Redd said...

We're seeing a pick up in the bike traffic around Omaha, as well.

Also with the introduction of bike carrying racks to most of our city buses last year, I'm noticing a larger number of ordinary folks multi-mode commuting on department store bikes.

sallymander said...

Speaking of fenders and racks :D
What's a good option for my new ride? Thinking it's going to be used much more than just for the track.

Noah said...

PB Cascadia gets good reviews. When my current ones finally eat it for good that's what I'm getting. Silver or black.

I have come to love the spring-clip equipped racks like the one John got me when 'Zilla vanished. You saw that big-ol box of bike parts. No bungees needed. The clip held it against my seat!

Sirrus Rider said...

+1 On the PB Cascadias. The hardcores are nice, but nothing beats the long mudguards of the Cascadias.

As for racks I'm old school and use Blackburns; however, many dislike the triangular stays as they allegedly don't protect the spokes from the pannier very well. I've never had a problem with it.

Scotty D said...

I wish I could see just one cyclist on my commute. The northland feels so lonely.

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