Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fixer Redux

Not any photos from the repair-fest this weekend, but I managed to stay plenty busy over the weekend, and met some nice folks, too!

Wayne is a truck driver who I met online. Almost daily, he drives more than I ride my bike in some of my best months. Now that his kids are getting to riding age, he wanted some neglected Rockhoppers checked out. I'm not sure of the vintage (mid or early 90s?), but he brought them over to my place for a tune-up. Neither bike had an immediate need for parts. Some adjustments and tri-flow, and Wayne was on his way with a pair of bikes that are solid, safe, and ready for a summer of enjoyment.

Today, I got Drew's 2006 Giant FCR in order. Drew's a fellow commuter that is stepping up from a department store bike, and the FCR's a good choice for some. In fact, it's almost identical to Eric's FCR. Drew's bike was a craigslist find with about 2,000 miles on it (according to the bike computer). Supposedly, it's been in for regular tune-ups, but the chain and cassette looked like what I'd expect 2,000 miles to look like: Not destroyed, but well due for replacement. The front wheel needed some truing as well, but nothing I couldn't do on the spot. My guess is the tires and brakes have another season in them, and we installed new handlebar grips since he didn't like the OEM's.

I did have a hiccup with my MacBook Friday Night. The hard drive finally gave up the ghost. Not entirely unexpected, though, considering the abuse I put it through. I didn't really lose any data, though. Remember to backup your data, folks! It isn't hard and while it does take some time and effort, it's worth it when it matters! I'm currently using a smallish borrowed hard drive for my MacBook until payday when I can hopefully shell out for an upgrade. As it stands, I can't restore everything to this hard drive and (unsurprisingly) photographs and music are the two heaviest hitters. That means I'll have to use my OpenBSD workstation for posting photos for the time being so photos will be a little infrequent for the upcoming week.

I also got some writing done, and rocked out on the bass guitar with the praise team at church. I'm getting a little more confident playing for an audience. All in all, a very productive weekend.

Stay safe out there, everyone! The entire midwest is going through some funky weather patterns for the next day or so. Try to keep 'er shiny side up.

1 comment:

Jon said...

It's snowing here in Denver, this morning!

Gotta love those old steel-framed Rockhoppers. They are pretty bulletproof.

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