Thursday, March 05, 2009

Main Street

I had a pleasant ride in this morning, my first ride all the way (in one direction, at any rate) in quite some time. Dew mixed with road salt and melting snow and left the road wet this morning, but with temperatures nearing 60*F, I couldn't help but ride.

Several companies you've heard of are headquartered right here in the greater KC area. Among them are Sprint/Nextel, Garmin, and of course AMC Theaters.

AMC has been doing a lot downtown. I've shown you the Midland Theater before. Now, they're almost done renovating the Mainstreet Theater as well.

That's all I've got for ya this morning. Time to catch up on whatever I missed at work yesterday.

Random Tunage:
Active Sight - Take The Day As It Comes
Iio - Rapture


Anonymous said...


I was talking with you on Jan 29th about thinking about commuting to the bus stop in Blue Springs. You told me to find a good used $100 bike.

There is a long story of it, but I'll spare you... I did recently find one at the BikeStop in Blue Springs. A used Specialized Crossroads i think it's called.

Made my first bike ride to the bus stop this morning circa 6am. The 5 miles took me 29 minutes.

Also, got a bike locker right at the stop so my bike and gear are safe and sound.

What an awesome day for a ride here in KC!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I got pretty muddy too. I need to get some fenders for this thing!

Noah said...

Awesome! Congrats! 5 miles in 29 minutes is a decent clip, about 12 MPH even with any stopping calculated in. The Specialized Crossroads is a good hybrid bike.

Also, I mentioned the road grime in my post, but how quickly I take my fenders for granted. The Twelve is equipped with SKS Commuter fenders which I'm not entirely that fond of (they've cracked in a few places already in less than a year) but I'd gladly take my hacked, patched-together fenders over no fenders on a morning like this!

Antennaguy said...

I commuted to work by bike this morning also. Temp was 47 F at 7am here in Lincoln! However, streets were really wet and lots of sand and mud. Had a nice streak of mud on my shorts and backpack when I got in. Guess a fender would help me too.

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