Monday, February 02, 2009

Starbucks question of the week

Every week, someone writes a question or poll on the black board. Usually it's a "what's your favorite _______?" kind of question. There was only one answer when JR, Lorin and I got there this morning:

It's obvious that the question was asked snidely and the first response was crafted tongue-in-cheek (if not written by whomever asked the question to begin with) but it's safe to say things like "the liberty of the United States of America" would also be a suitable answer.

As for the usual crew, we opted to discuss our favorite movies and JR's recent health system adventures rather than the merits of battle.

I soaked up a beautiful weekend, spent some quality fun time with family, and I'm looking forward to the forecasted warming trend. I'm with cDude: I can't believe this is February!


Ron said...

The obvious answer is: "Absolutely nothin' . . . huh, huh, huh!"

MRMacrum said...

If only we used war for just our liberty. As it stands now, it is just another geopolitical tool pulled out too quickly and relied on too much to push our agenda.

It is good for business though.

Ron Sexton said...

friend only to the undertaker

Anonymous said...


I agree with you but its not that simple. Since WWII Americans have decided that its better to get into a bunch of little conflicts (little is a relative term) than to pretend everything is great and have to send 416,800 young men to their death when we finally feel threatened by a huge war machine. That is the U.S. casualties from WW2. 40-50 million were killed in action world wide.

There are no easy answers....only easy sayings that make catchy bumper stickers.

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