Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah, what a nice long weekend!

Interesting stuff I saw between getting off work Thursday, and this moment in time right now:

I helped some friends hack an old payphone so we can use it as a normal (not-pay) phone. It still needs a little more work. Yes, it's legitimate and we have all the keys for it.

My wife and I saw the Wall of Infomercial Hell: Snuggies and Shamwows galore!

Five Orchids in an avant-garde arrangement for Valentine's day, because roses are cliche.

A WTF-Mobile. 90s Ford Fiesta meets Hacksaw, flat black paint, $10 fog-lights from wal-mart and some tarp material.

My camera phone makes this shot of LaCygne power plant look like it's from the 60s or something. This is the biggest plant in the region; When it's running at full tilt, it pumps out nearly 1.6 Gigawatts. Great Scott!

My wife and I had one last huzzah* at Sakura, a sushi bar and Japanese steakhouse. If you sit at the sushi bar, you can watch the chefs prepare everything, and then they load the sushi plates onto flatcars on a G-Scale electric model train. The waitstaff simply counts up how many trays you've pulled off the train to calculate your tab. It's actually a pretty affordable place as far as sushi goes, and quite tasty.

I put a new chain on The Goat on Saturday, so it's back to the grind in 10 hours or so.

* Enough fancy meals for this paycheck. Time to make a dang quesadilla!


Chuong Doan said...

Blue boxin' super phreak!

Noah said...

Hah. Blue Boxing is ye-olde school. In-Band signalling hasn't worked in AGES. Actually this is an old COCOT from Mexico, and in its factory state would mute the microphone until you inserted real money. COCOTs didn't work with Redboxes anyways, since Redboxes tricked the billing computer at the Central Office (again, in-band signalling) vs. how a COCOT does it (makes the phone un-usable until the internal coin verification mechanism says you put enough cash in)

I digress.

Paul Rixon and I just ended up gutting the hybrid out of an old touch-tone phone and replacing the payphone's complicated internals. It's not quite complete yet, we need a line-powered relay to trigger the hybrid's switch-hook inputs (two of them) with the single switch-hook contact on the payphone.

Ah, fone phreak geekery!

Tim O said...

The Fiesta looks like something from Mad Max, for sure.

This weekend sucked, because I could have been biking but was busy with the porcelain appliances :( Hopefully out of the way now, so I can get back on the bike.

Pat Ring said...

I see a post missing that I can't comment on. What's up with that? Regardless, I was reading LifeHacker and when I saw this product, I thought of you. Glacier Gloves.

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