Monday, January 12, 2009

(Not So) Secret Mission?

Helmetless errands over lunch. Fritz says I've got the Bay Area bike commuter look down perfectly.

On my way home, I picked up a copy of the Windows 7 beta from a friend. I snapped this on the Quivira viaduct. Hooray for goofing off on the bike.

Geek side-note: Me willingly installing an Operating System from Redmond is Kind of a Big Deal. One of my friends shoe-horned it onto his Acer Aspire One (a subcompact/netbook) without any problems, so I figure it'll be less of a hog than Vista. Maybe I'll like it... but not enough to give up my MacBook.


Sirrus Rider said...

I'm trying Win 7 also. I'm installing it on my Primary laptop wich is a Dell XPS 140. Pent 4 1.6 Gig with 2 gigs of memory.

Sirrus Rider said...

Okay this might be non-bike related, but Win 7 needs more time in the oven. It lacked a full driver set for my Dell XPS 140. I pulled it off almost as fast as I installed it.

Aaron said...

Vista drivers work great on Win 7. Go to Dell and get the Vista drivers, no big deal. I've installed 7 on a Latitude e6400 and an Optiplex 740 works great on both.

Noah said...

Doesn't want to work at all under Sun xVM VirtualBox on OS X. I'll try Parallels next.

Sirrus Rider said...


One small problem.. Dell didn't make any Vista drivers for this laptop.

Yokota Fritz said...

Chinos and dress shoes are de rigeur office casual wear for the bike riding cube clones around here. You'd totally fit in.

A little bit surprised about Win 7 and xVM VirtualBox not working, since Sun's virtualization technology is officially supposed to be supported by Microsoft these days. Oh how things change!

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