Thursday, January 22, 2009

Irony what?

From Let's Go KC via Eric Rogers:

City Manager Wayne Cauthen’s proposed 2008-2009 KCMO budget cuts many servies to deal with declining revenue brought on by the current recession. One of the big cuts is to the city’s funding of the bus system. Cauthen is proposing a cut of $7 million, or 15% of the city’s transit funding. That translates to about 10% of the KC Area Transportation Authority’s total budget.
What a novel idea! One of the first places they're cutting funds will make it more difficult for Kansas Citians to easily get to places where they spend money that generates tax revenue. Brilliant. Read more.


Ken Harris said...

Didn't ridership go UP last year? Lawrence wanted to cut the bus service unless we imposed a set of new taxes to fund it. Now, in the down economy, I wonder if we are looking at the same situation here.

It just doesn't make sense to cut a service MORE people will become dependent on when gas prices increase. A fare increase in order to maintain current service levels might make more sense...

Noah said...

I believe KCATA literally JUST did the fare-increase thing. If I heard correctly, it was a $0.25 increase across the board and increased prices on monthly passes.

Anonymous said...

our small town has a high median income, but there are many libertarians - besides just conservatives - in the region. there's been an outcry over our town being in the red. we cut recycling, fired 12 workers, and have a hiring freeze with others. we've borrowed like $1 million via bonds, to be paid-back on April 15.

we're not big enough (?) to have bus service, but Greenville, aka G-Vegas, bus service has been in limbo for several years, going back and forth between public and private.

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