Friday, January 09, 2009

Another one of those days.

But at least it was a Friday.

I was about half a mile from the office, and just got out of the saddle to hammer up a hill. The first honest clydesdale-pedal-mash of climbing greeted me with an ambiguous and unsettling noise. A click. A loud one. I didn't feel anything through my cranks, so I was doubting it was a bottom bracket failure or anything up front. "Maybe I just hit a rock or something..." I thought to myself.

About half-way up that hill, I hear something else. Fwap-tink-fwap-clatter-tink-CRACK... I look down and see my rear wheel's reflector skidding along the pavement next to me. Relieved that the noises I'd been hearing were just my reflector falling off, I foraged onward...

For about 3 seconds. The fwap-tink noises weren't laying off. Yep. Another broken spoke. The bearings are completely shot in this rear wheel, too. The Twelve needs a new cassette and chain. They're not totally trashed yet, but they'll be entering the "you ran this chain too long" phase here pretty soon.

It's hard to say for sure, but I think I might be done with this bike until I can afford a new rear wheel, cassette and chain. I have more spare (used) spokes than I know what to do with. That's not the problem. I'm just tired of doing half-ass repairs that will keep it on the road for only a few weeks at a time. Besides, winter is supposed to really set in again soon.


jdott said...

Consider yourself lucky that you got a few road bike rides in during the winter. Since she'll be retired, start looking around for a serviceable used wheel (or wheelset). The cassette and chain can be had for a great price since you have time to shop around (I typically end up with a cassette from eBay, and stock up on chains from the big online shops when on sale). BTW, I know and absolutely hate that sound. I finally rebuilt my rear wheel, and so far so good.

Tim O said...

I know, buy my 1500 and that will force me to buy someting new...mwahahahaha.

But my wife would kill me so maybe that's not such a good plan.

But seriously you need something more rugged. To be honest I am surprised my 1500 hasn't had spoke problems given how few of them it has..... and I'm still a clydesdale despite trying to get back to the gym..

Sirrus Rider said...

Might be time to build up some 36 spoke wheels or 40 if you can find the hubs.

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