Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I don't usually see the bike cops. They usually come out a bit later when KC's night-life starts kicking in.

Then, Dora decided to help me fix my bike.

Not only did I have to replace the bent spoke and true the wheel up, I have been meaning to refurb the bottom bracket again. It's been noisy for the past few days. Last time that happened, it just needed to be cleaned up and greased.

I know a pipe wrench has no place in a bike tool kit, but the ISIS bottom bracket tool is just a little too big for my large adjustable wrench to get around.


David Glandon said...

Someday I will assemble enough courage to dissemble my bike. I have the big blue book of repair, just lack the tools, space and courage.

Sirrus Rider said...

You have to watch out for cats with bike repair skills. After a they have had a couple hits of catnip you'll find they pawned all your parts and tools.

Anonymous said...

I'm like Crazy... without the book. I wanna take my bike apart but don't know where to start or what to do. I really need a 2nd bike before I start doing something stupid like that. I've had my bike 18 months now. It's looking pretty nasty. I need to clean it up. Haven't done ANY maintenance to it. Finally went and bought some chain lube and talked to my bike guy as to what I need to do to clean the ring/cassette/derailer. Wish me luck! (I'd pay good money to go over to Noah's house for just one evening! :)


Noah said...

I've been pretty mechanically inclined since I was just a little kid. Bikes, though, are pretty simple contraptions. There are more parts in your chain than in the rest of your bike combined. Every link has four parts: two plates, a pin and a bushing, and most people treat "the chain" as one part, minus the master link.

Check out bicycle tutor, park tool repair instructions and of course sheldon brown.

I am not a professional bike tech (obviously, I used a pipe wrench!) but I do buy most of the tools as I need them, and I'm still learning more all the time. If you find yourself knee-deep in bike parts and want some quick advice, you can always email me (with the contact form on the right side of my site) or post a comment. I have probably done whatever you're trying to do or can figure out the answer.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only guy that has to get out the pipe wrench when I need to clean the bottom bracket!

For some reason, mine seems to be like yours. It doesn't take much to make it start creaking and I end up taking it apart to clean and re-lube it at least a couple of times each year.

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