Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tapping out at mile 82

Going too slow to make the next control before it closes and obviously in worse shape than I was for my last 200k, I am admitting defeat this time.


Apertome said...

Hey man, there's no shame in that! I am impressed that you rode as much as you did. Way to go!

Sirrus Rider said...

Ditto! It takes audacity and some brass balls to do 82 out of 200k in freezing weather. You have nothing to be ashamed of. If it were me in that weather I would have been a non-starter.

Chris said...

Well at least you enjoyed a good lunch! Did the winds shift for you? How did you get back?

Noah said...

I'll answer those in the recap, but I was holding c'Dude back something fierce almost the whole trip.

On the way back through the VA Hospital between Lansing and Leavenworth I told him to bolt at his own pace without waiting up for me, because I was pretty sure I'd time out before Control #5.

C'dude barely made it to control #5 in time after he broke away, and he's a lot faster than I am.

This was a solid DNF 200k for me. I'll have more tomorrow.

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