Thursday, January 01, 2009

Prime Directive 2009

This is our Focus' Odometer. Everyone wave. It's friendly.

This is our Explorer's Odometer. It's easier to photograph. Kinda.

I'm going to try to top whatever miles that my wife and I accumulate on these two vehicles combined. I'll post periodic updates. And I suppose I need to update my spreadsheet to track month-to-month how much driving we've managed to do.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Noah! Here's a prognostication for 2009: I forsee no summer road trips by automobile in your future :)

Noah said...

Actually, we kind of want to go to the Ozarks, about a 300 mile round trip.

Jason said...

hahaha I like it!! Can't wait to see what happens :)

Happy New Year!

kG said...

GET IT ON!!!! Happy New Year, man.... Good goal!!!

Tim O said...

I cheat and live less than a mile from my house....but I want to get 3000 in this yr. Only 2984 left to go after today!

I read CDude's brief account on the 200k and will be fun to hear about his adventure. May need to get up to speed on 200k's in '09 so I can make that goal. Only got to just under 2000 again this yr.

BTW - we need to plan a 2-3 day overnight adventure into KS for this summer!!

Tim O said...

Sorry, I meant WORK less than a mile from my house. Most people DO live less than a mile from their house, unless the house has wheels :)

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