Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heat Wave

20°F on the way home.

This is technically from yesterday morning, but it looked the same this morning.

It's been kind of drafty in the office. I left one of my layers on today. I was still chilly. Funny how I overheat on the bike near 0°F and get the chills when it's a smidge below 70 in my cube.

Work. Among other things, I wrote a quick PHP report generator for my team to use. The program takes for freaking EVER to run (as in, longer than it took to write it), so I took a photo of the source code while it ran.

Waiting for the homeward bus

1 comment:

Scott Redd said...

It is funny how relativity works. Several weeks ago, I was remarking about how cold 11 degrees was. Then last week I rode in -5 degrees.

That changes perceptions.

The rest of the week was around 5 degrees, and when it got back up to 10, 15, then 20, yes, it seemed joyfully warm out.

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