Monday, December 01, 2008

Guess who I ran into?

Dave. Well, I did not run into him. He rode past and I chased him down to check out his sweet new Dew Drop, which was used today on its maiden commute. Nice to catch up with you again. That's a sweet ride!


Sirrus Rider said...

mmmmmmnnn! Disk brakes!

Apertome said...

Earlier today, I posted on his blog saying he should post photos of the Dew Drop. Then I come over here and find this! Looks like a sweet bike indeed.

dvicci said...

Hey all! Sorry I didn't stop right away, Noah. I didn't recognize you as I rode quickly by, hunkered over b/c it was freakin' cold out! Good to see you too, if only for a little bit (recall that I said it was freakin' cold out!).

I got pics of the Drop on my site, they're just in the gallery, and not tied to a post yet. As the temperature demands thicker and thicker gloves, taking pics whilst out on a ride is looking less and less likely. I think I missed my window.

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