Friday, December 05, 2008


Yesterday morning, I felt good. I'd gotten a little more sleep than usual. About two hours into my work day, my nose started running. My immune system is pretty strong, and if I recognize illnesses before they become big problems, I can usually nip them in the butt pretty quickly. I popped some cold/sinus pills I had at work from earlier this year, then started drinking water and tea like mad. I was still feeling pretty crappy by the time I left work. I limped home on the D bus, and went to bed a good 3 hours earlier than normal.

I felt quite a bit better but not 100% this morning. The 14-degree ride to the bus didn't help matters much, but I am doing more of the same (Tea, grapefruit, decongestant, water) this morning and it seems to be working.

I'm hoping I can shake this off before the big ride.

I can e-mail quick blog updates and photos from my phone directly to Blogger. Should I post a few updates from the road tomorrow?

Random Tunage:
Traci Lords - Control
VNV Nation - Prelude


dvicci said...

Yes. You absolutely should post from the road.

And I hope you feel better soon!

Apertome said...

That depends. If you need to focus on riding, just focus on riding. But the cool factor of posting from the road would be pretty high!

Apertome said...

(Oh, and I hope you feel better)

Anonymous said...

that grapefruit reminds me of a guy i met when i volunteered at the American Leprosy Mission in Greenville, SC. he was in the field a lot - like in India and Africa, and all he ate for lunch was a grapefruit and some water. pretty weird, cuz i hate grapefruits.

Noah said...

I don't love grapefruit, but they're okay. I only eat them when I'm caffeine detoxing or I'm sick. Today, I was sick.

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