Monday, November 24, 2008

Having a case of the Mondays

Forgot to set my alarm. Woke up late.

Groggily checked bus schedule (I have it stored on my phone). Saw that the second bus would be at The Maul in 22 minutes. It takes me 10 minutes to ride there.

Got my clothes and lunch together, opting for only one pannier this morning. Threw everything on the bike and rushed out the door.

Arrived at The Maul, not quite in record time, before the time I thought I needed to be there.

The time I was expecting the bus to arrive comes and goes. I check the schedule again, and see that I was looking at the wrong location. So I stand in 31°F weather for 15 minutes longer than I need to, looking and feeling like an idiot. I could have made some breakfast for my wife and I in that 15 minutes!

Got to the office, only to find out that my access card was in the other pannier, at home.

Hey, at least I still made it to work at a reasonable time.

Here's something to kick off your (hopefully) short work week:


kG said...

DUDE---- I need that helmet. LOL. Headwinds? whatever.... I got THE HELMET....

Anonymous said...

Cool vid. One the shot looking up from the front wheel I couldn't help but wonder just how effective those brakes are that he had his fingers wrapped around.

Anonymous said...

210 km/hr on snow! It's always nice to have the definition of insane clearly defined. Now, if only I could get to work that fast on my bike. Thanks.

LvilleTex said...

I could do it...

Noah said...

All he did was coast down a snowy hill that's been groomed to perfection. I think most people probably could do it. But I don't think many people actually would do it.

There are people who say they can do things, then people who actually do things. I fall squarely into the "I know I can, but I would not do it" category myself. Being on a bike at that speed doesn't scare me a bit. The carnage from one faux pas at that speed does.

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