Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking the silence

I've been quiet. Heck, it feels like I haven't updated in a week! It's only been five days, I guess.

On a personal level, it's been a crazy few days. That's all I'll say about that.

Now, weather forecasts are starting to call for precipitation and sub-freezing temperatures. I still have a Diamondback Sorrento frameset with very little in the way of components to transform it back into The Goat, the bike that goes anywhere I need it to go while crushing obstacles in its path. At this point, a wheelset, inner tubes, cassette and chain, and a LOT OF cleaning and lubrication of the moving bits (shifters, cables, brake levers, pivots and the like) will be the cheapest way to get it on the road. I still have tires to put on it that did well in the snow and ice last season.

I was pleasantly surprised to find temps above freezing this morning and it looks like most of this week we'll have dodged the ice-and-snow bullet. The Twelve is safe and usable for now. I refuse to take it out in the snow and ice, though. Not only would its skinny, treadless tires be a bad match for ice, but I'm not nearly willing to sacrifice it to the Salt God yet. The Goat makes a good winter beater, and I still have hopes of setting it up with an internally-geared hub before the worst of the weather sets in.

I "only" logged 83 miles last week, but the reality is that more than half of those miles took place on Monday. I rode the full trip to and fro, then went to the Monday night ride. That means the rest of the week was pretty pathetic. I'm still hell-bent on meeting my third and final goal for the year. With plenty more than 500 miles left to ride, I should probably try to take advantage of the above-freezing days we have left. Unfortunately, I didn't do that this morning.

With the colder weather, I've been doing a lot less recreational riding and a lot more geeking out in my laboratory. Yes, I have a laboratory. Things like writing networking tutorials, playing with the latest version of OpenBSD (just released last week) and stuff like that.

Oh, and it looks like I get to be a Juror next month. Ugh. It's close enough to ride there (a little further than riding to church).

Oh, and everyone, please swing by MNBicycleCommuter and wish Doug a speedy recovery.

Random Tunage:
Sasha - Mongoose
Moshic & Landa - Faza


Anonymous said...

I dunno. Considering that your blog is an essential service in the bicycling community, you should be able to get out of jury duty. I'd vouch for you. :)

dsm said...

Oh, and it looks like I get to be a Juror next month. Ugh. It's close enough to ride there (a little further than riding to church).

What church do you go to and in what ways are you involved?

I am a youth minister in St. Charles, MO and was curious.

Dan said...

I love the CD-ROM drive resting on top of the rack machine. Reminds me of my server op sys load setup (pictured here).

Noah said...

Yep, Dan. It works nicely, even if it does look a little...erm... "ghetto"

dsm: I'm the tech guru (lights, sound, video, and occasional bass guitarist) for a seed church called Pathway Community church. We're currently meeting at a high school. It's technically a Christ Reform Church (CRC) denomination, but I'll be honest: I pay very little attention to minuscule doctrine details. I've been in Bible, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches. I feel like my work for the Lord is being used quite well at this place.

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