Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day!

Good Morning from Kansas City! What a delightful morning for a ride!

Some of you have the day off. I, however, am not one of those. Banks are closed, but Wall Street is open. That means I'm at work. I changed things up a bit by riding up Summit. Summit's not the steepest grade I've ridden on, but it's the most brutal climb I know of that's on my way to work. Riding the Death Slog known as Summit, however, puts me in the position to take photos like the one above from the bridge over I-70.

Somehow, I just know I'm going to pay for that little stunt.

Ponak's on Southwest Blvd:

"Bicycle Parking" while I took the above photo.

Random Tunage:
Active Sight - Take The Day As It Comes
Fragma - Toca Me (Inpetto 2008 Mix)


Jason said...

Very nice pic! This is why riding up summit is worth it! You always have a great view!

Pat Ring said...

I agree. That pic is great and should win an award or be on the cover of the local white pages. Thanks for posting it. Sorry if this comment shows up twice.

Scott Redd said...

It makes me sad to see a bicycle lying on its side like that. :) Nice pictures.

Noah said...

While it wouldn't bother me much, I think it would make more people sad to see a kickstand on my road bike. :P I usually lean it against something, but this bike is strictly utilitarian, already scratched up and well-loved In the relatively short time I've owned it, I've put it through more miles than probably 90% of Americans will ever ride a bicycle their entire lives. Laying it down doesn't really hurt it much. It scuffs the outer face of the pedal up, but those are already torn up pretty good. Thanks for the comments :)

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