Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Land Surfer

This morning was rainy with a stiff headwind, gusting to 15 MPH out of the north.  I cheated and rode to the bus.  It continued sprinkling throughout the day, and I don't think it ever really let up.  Only one other two-wheeled rider showed up in the parking garage this morning.  He was in full business attire, covered in a gore-tex get-up.

Still sprinkling when I left work, the wind had picked up a little, but hadn't changed direction.  That meant a massive tail wind.  Heck yeah! Raindrops be damned, I was riding home.  It was like land surfing except using a bike instead of an all-terrain skateboard, and my girthy body in lieu of a proper sail.

I stopped at Chatlain Park to make sure my rain cover wasn't letting the contents of my pannier get soaked.  Although the rain was moderate, everything in my pannier remained dry as a bone.  There was some standing water in the rain cover, but the tight seams and rubberized lower panels of the Axiom LaSalle panniers took care of that. 

My forward lighting setup. Especially when it's raining, I use as much light as I can, including my reflective vest.

Of course, once I got home, it was an entertaining game of "dry and clean the bike and drivetrain" while my grimy shoes were drying off.

I think I might be suffering from Dave Syndrome or something.  I've actually enjoyed the rain the past few days. What the heck is up with that?

1 comment:

dvicci said...

Hah! The rain sucks everyone in given time. ;)

(just now catching up on lots of old reading...)

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